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The price for trimming a cedar hedge

April 8th, 2020

First, one of the first factors influencing the price is the frequency of maintenance. A regularly maintained hedge will have a range of denser branches which will give a perfect result at the time of the pruning. And the work will be simpler and the result much more aesthetic. With a hedge that has not been pruned for more than five years, the costs could be higher the workload being additional it is still possible to carry out the work and obtain remarkable results, however, the density it will not be there it will take a few years to allow the hedge to recover.

Second factors, the height of the cedar hedge. This will be significant as the taller the trees the more there is to prune. Special and adapted working techniques must be taken for that type of work, stepladder, basket, scaffolding. Physical effort will also be taken into consideration.

The width of the cedar hedge will be considered since once again the wider the hedge the larger the horizontal surface will be. In some cases, we must plan work on both sides of the hedge and warn the neighbours of our passage in addition to using extensions on the pruning tool.

Obstacles such as swimming pools, sheds, gardens, overhead cables which are electrical or telecommunications lines, these may require special attention as well as laborious techniques. With the right tools and experience there is always a way to do a good job. Finally, the terrain relief surrounding the hedge type of uneven, inclined soil could also have an important role on the price of the maintenance of your cedar hedge.