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See your vision come to life trust Symetric to trim your hedges in Ottawa

Trust Symetric, the hedge trimming experts in Ottawa.

Looking for high-quality hedge trimming services in Ottawa and surrounding areas? Choose Symetric! Our experts handle all your hedges, regardless of size, ensuring to restore their original aesthetics while providing impeccable cleanup of the area once the job is done. After Symetric's intervention, you'll enjoy meticulously trimmed hedges that will impress your neighbours!

Entrust your property maintenance to our experts at Symetric! We are available from April 15th to December 15th to meet the needs of our Ottawa clientele eager to have well-kept and aesthetically pleasing hedges. Do you have a specific hedge style in mind?

Let us know your preferences, and we'll take them into account to meet your request or suggest a similar style, all with the aim of providing you with quality service. Regardless of the dimensions of your hedges, Symetric's reliable and experienced team will trim and clean them afterward.

For hedge trimming in Ottawa, the expert is Symetric. Enjoy a custom plan for cedar hedge planting in the Outaouais!


Tree maintenance on your property, whether it's a residence, a commercial property, or any other land, is crucial during the summer season to project a beautiful image in Ottawa. Our experts at Symetric are versatile and can assist you in a variety of landscaping projects on your property. From tree and cedar planting to various tree maintenance services, including lying, felling, and branch trimming, as well as parking lot cleaning and landscaping, we're here to meet all your landscaping needs in the Outaouais.

Trust the experts in the Ottawa region for hedge trimming: Symetric. Whether it's trimming, maintenance, or any other hedge-related request, we are committed to exceeding your expectations with superior service.

To schedule a free consultation or learn more about our hedge trimming services in Ottawa, call us at 613-880-1878! 

Our various services offered in Ottawa:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree maintenance
  • Felling
  • Stump removal
  • Low wall
  • Tree and branch pick-up
  • Stairs
  • Cedar and tree planting
  • Pest control treatment
  • Cedar restoration
  • Cedar installation and trimming
  • Decorative trees
  • Cedar restoration
  • And much more!


With over 10 years of experience in the greatest Outaouais region, the Symetric team understands the needs and expectations of our clientele perfectly. Whether you want to modernize your property with a more aesthetic style or simply maintain your existing hedges, we're here to meet all your requests. In addition to hedge trimming, we also offer comprehensive maintenance and cleaning services to ensure the beauty and cleanliness of your outdoor space.

At Symetric, we take care of all types of hedges, regardless of size. Furthermore, we offer a range of complementary services to meet all your landscaping needs. From trees and cedar planting to specialized tree services such as pruning, felling, and branch trimming, our versatile team is here to assist you with all your outdoor projects.

Trust Symetric for hedge trimming, maintenance, and even cedar purchases. Always reliable, we are available from April 15th to December 15th to take care of our clients' landscapes in Ottawa and surrounding areas. A beautiful landscaping in Ottawa relies on Symetric's services.

Contact us now: 613-880-1878