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Shortening your cedar hedge

April 23rd, 2020

A conventional pruning generates fine scraps which are discarded free of charge by local organizations. When folding down the hedge and for example lowering the hedge by a third, simply visualize the mass of greenery and branches that should be removed. This increases the workload.

It is especially important to understand the limits of such work. We are limited to reducing the hedge from a maximum of one third to half the total height of the hedge. Lowering beyond these limits can permanently damage the hedge.

Due to the unorthodox nature of the work, it is important to take the lead and communicate intensively in order to ensure the smooth running of the work. The line is thin between your satisfaction or total regret. It is important to plan down to the smallest detail and double check rather than once.

Due to the nature of such works, the aesthetics of the hedge will suffer for a few years. The lack of greenery in the high part of hedge is normal as well as a broken horizon line and a dishevelled pace.
In short, in situations where folding down remains the best option. There are ways to practise it safely and plans to find a beautiful hedge. But patience will be necessary.