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Root system (to watch)

May 21st, 2020

The root ball is probably the most important part of the tree since it will directly influence the survival of your tree. Usually consist of a type of soil specific to the region where it is cultivated. Clay, sand, surface earth, each with its own fertility structure. An installation approach is specific to each of these variants.

The way the roots are cut during the uprooting will be a point to consider, you want to observe clean cuts and own question of promoting recovery and encouraging the production of new branches.
Certain producers using inappropriate or badly sharpened tools as well as dubious techniques at the time of uprooted the plants leaving roots torn or too long. This lack of attention will leave the installer with problems when arranging the trees.

At the time of transport, the technique of loading trees will greatly influence the quality of the clods once you reach your destination. Coarsely piled up trees will leave the roots exposed to the air and strip them of their soil Makes installing your trees impossible.

Finally, trust an experienced grower who has been using proven techniques for several years and you will increase your success rate and the ease of installation.