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Hedge trimming (the importance of having a clear agreement)

August 11th, 2020

Hedge trimming (the importance of having a clear agreement)

During the initial meeting, it is important for the representative to clearly identify his client’s needs with the right questions, good listening skills and the right level of experience. The contractor can also provide these suggestions and recommendations in order to optimize the results and reduce the time required to obtain a dense and aesthetically perfect hedge.

The client for his part is responsible for properly communicating the expected results as well as ensuring that any party concerning the spouse or partner or other is present at the time of the meeting in order to have an adequate understanding and that of all concerned. If a spouse is not present at the RDV when submitting, some of their requests may not have been discussed and during the work some concerns may be ignored.

Once the needs have been established, the tenderer can prepare the official document including full name, address, telephone number, nature of the work, price, and additional specifications. Question of letting no detail go to waste. Also requested from the client to ensure that the submission is suitable for them to avoid misunderstanding.

Once the quote is written the client can decide with certainty.
If the bid is accepted, the client usually gives a deposit to the contractor in order to reserve a date for the work and demonstrate his commitment.

By following these few guidelines, the work usually goes well.