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Excavation (digging the trench)

June 12th, 2020

The technique consists in digging the trench using a shovel and a conventional pick the advantage with this way of doing it is the low cost of the works and the fact that no damage is done to the existing earthwork and allows access to extremely restricted areas. However, a lot of human energy is needed to achieve a decent result.

Mini excavator
The most versatile way to do the job. Its biggest advantage is that no obstacle resists it rock, root, mixed soil. This power is not without consequences, the operator must have some experience to preserve the land in good condition as well as not to damage buildings and structure. Also, the transaction costs are the highest of the options presented in this article.

Trench digger (specialized)
Both compact, powerful, and versatile, this tool specially designed for this type of work produces a perfect trench every time evacuating the soil present in a furrow ready to be reused for the installation of the hedge. The depth and width being identical every time, being able to produce magnificent hedges in a systematic way. Without forgetting the small size and light weight of this machine, leaving no marks during its passage.