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Different factors that influence the price of a hedge installation

May 4th, 2020

The height of the hedge
The higher the cedar demand, the higher the price. Its height is the result of several years spent in the field. So logically the longer the period, the greater the return on investment for the producer.

The type of soil
Depending on the geographic area where your address is located, the soil present will influence the price of your hedge installation. The types of soil observed vary from sandy to clayey, passing by the most expensive, the rocky ones. Regardless of each variant, there is a good way to work the soil and guarantee impeccable results.

The level of the Layout of the work area
When the installation must be done in a completely landscaped courtyard with all the aspects of it neat, we must take precautions to keep everything in its original state. To protect the swimming pool, shed, house, fence tarpaulin is used. For the lawn plywood panels are used to circulate when necessary. And finally, a final deep cleaning to make sure the area is returned to its original state.

Rarity of the cedar ask
Varying from year to year, the available inventory influences the price of hedge installations. The laws of supply and demand are the best way to explain it. The period in season can influence the availability of certain cedar heights.

Hopefully, this information will help you to understand the variables influencing the price of a hedge installation.