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October 2nd, 2020

Relationship with neighbours
In the event that you have a great relationship with your neighbour, ideally the best option would be to discuss key elements such as setbacks, common goals, height of different sections of the hedge and thickness once at maturity. The amount of light desired and long-term effects of lack of it will also be important to consider. In a situation where the relationship is non-existent, it is better to plan carefully.

Setback Calculation
How far to install the hedge in relation to your land line? Everything will depend on your goals for your future hedge.
Usually a distance of 30 cm or 12 inches or 1 foot is advisable.
In other cases, a narrower margin can be established to limit the loss of space in confined areas. But care must be taken, regular maintenance will be necessary in order to keep control of your hedge and to avoid unfortunate situations.
In other cases, you can leave almost 90 cm 36 inches or 3 feet to make sure you do not have any reprisals from your neighbours for branches encroaching on their property. This option especially applies to people with large terrain.

Your forecast for the perfect hedge.
Starting with the height it is important to take into consideration that this is usually where the perfect height is reached by the time you can no longer see the windows of any of the neighbouring houses.
The thickness should be kept to a minimum while allowing opacity to reduce the energy required at the time of maintenance. A hedge that is too thick can double the effort required to perform a quality pruning.