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Regular maintenance helps to keep your hedge to a reasonable size, so that it does not take over your yard space. A hedge has green growth on its outer layer only, with bare branches on the inside, and can only be trimmed back so far without exposing those interior branches. If you allow your hedge to grow shaggy, the threshold to where it can safely be trimmed back without causing damage to the hedge increases in size, and can infringe on space around pools, decks, and precious yard space. Trimming your hedge from a young age will help keep it to a desirable size.Relationship with neighbours In the event that you have a great relationship with your neighbour, ideally the best option would be to discuss key elements such as setbacks, common goals, height of different sections of the hedge and thickness once at maturity. The amount of light desired and long-term effects of lack of it will also be important to consider. In a situation where the relationship is non-existent, it is better to plan carefully. Setback Calculation How far to install the hedge in relation to your land line? Everything will depend on your goals for your future hedge. Usually a distance of 30 cm or 12 inches or 1 foot is advisable. In other cases, a narrower margin can be established to limit the loss of space in confined areas. But care must be taken, regular maintenance will be necessary in order to keep control of your hedge and to avoid unfortunate situations. In other cases, you can leave almost 90 cm 36 inches or 3 feet to make sure you do not have any reprisals from your neighbours for branches encroaching on their property. This option especially applies to people with large terrain. Your forecast for the perfect hedge. Starting with the height it is important to take into consideration that this is usually where the perfect height is reached by the time you can no longer see the windows of any of the neighbouring houses. The thickness should be kept to a minimum while allowing opacity to reduce the energy required at the time of maintenance. A hedge that is too thick can double the effort required to perform a quality pruning.Hedge trimming (the importance of having a clear agreement) During the initial meeting, it is important for the representative to clearly identify his client's needs with the right questions, good listening skills and the right level of experience. The contractor can also provide these suggestions and recommendations in order to optimize the results and reduce the time required to obtain a dense and aesthetically perfect hedge. The client for his part is responsible for properly communicating the expected results as well as ensuring that any party concerning the spouse or partner or other is present at the time of the meeting in order to have an adequate understanding and that of all concerned. If a spouse is not present at the RDV when submitting, some of their requests may not have been discussed and during the work some concerns may be ignored. Once the needs have been established, the tenderer can prepare the official document including full name, address, telephone number, nature of the work, price, and additional specifications. Question of letting no detail go to waste. Also requested from the client to ensure that the submission is suitable for them to avoid misunderstanding. Once the quote is written the client can decide with certainty. If the bid is accepted, the client usually gives a deposit to the contractor in order to reserve a date for the work and demonstrate his commitment. By following these few guidelines, the work usually goes well.Manually The technique consists in digging the trench using a shovel and a conventional pick the advantage with this way of doing it is the low cost of the works and the fact that no damage is done to the existing earthwork and allows access to extremely restricted areas. However, a lot of human energy is needed to achieve a decent result. Mini excavator The most versatile way to do the job. Its biggest advantage is that no obstacle resists it rock, root, mixed soil. This power is not without consequences, the operator must have some experience to preserve the land in good condition as well as not to damage buildings and structure. Also, the transaction costs are the highest of the options presented in this article. Trench digger (specialized) Both compact, powerful, and versatile, this tool specially designed for this type of work produces a perfect trench every time evacuating the soil present in a furrow ready to be reused for the installation of the hedge. The depth and width being identical every time, being able to produce magnificent hedges in a systematic way. Without forgetting the small size and light weight of this machine, leaving no marks during its passage.The root ball is probably the most important part of the tree since it will directly influence the survival of your tree. Usually consist of a type of soil specific to the region where it is cultivated. Clay, sand, surface earth, each with its own fertility structure. An installation approach is specific to each of these variants. The way the roots are cut during the uprooting will be a point to consider, you want to observe clean cuts and own question of promoting recovery and encouraging the production of new branches. Certain producers using inappropriate or badly sharpened tools as well as dubious techniques at the time of uprooted the plants leaving roots torn or too long. This lack of attention will leave the installer with problems when arranging the trees. At the time of transport, the technique of loading trees will greatly influence the quality of the clods once you reach your destination. Coarsely piled up trees will leave the roots exposed to the air and strip them of their soil Makes installing your trees impossible. Finally, trust an experienced grower who has been using proven techniques for several years and you will increase your success rate and the ease of installation.When paying your bill, a good bookkeeping will be felt with the exact amount, without surprise for the customer. This containing the beneficiary's information as well as a brief description of the work. If there are corrections to be made, the follow-up will be done in a precise manner and some follow-up will be apparent. Proof that you are dealing with a company in good standing. With a periodic billing cycle, there is a delay between the end of the work and the payment of the invoice. The customer who has adjustments or corrections can therefore before they are due, have them carried out. Usually the diligent contractor will carry out the corrective measures without problems. Unlike the seasonal worker paid cash without invoice who will not offer any after-sales service. The main reason behind this complete documentation is that you must always keep it up to date and be able to provide the expenditure and income figures and extract the results. Coming from this calculation will come the contribution to our various governmental levels. Taxation, levies, wage deductions. By paying our taxes at the end of the year and collecting the taxes we contribute to our infrastructure and all our health and social services. On the worker side, salary deductions will have a beneficial effect for the company as much as for the employee who will be covered in several ways. In short, when you choose a contractor, supplier, or service company, encourage those who have decided to follow the rules and operate in accordance with government laws.The height of the hedge The higher the cedar demand, the higher the price. Its height is the result of several years spent in the field. So logically the longer the period, the greater the return on investment for the producer. The type of soil Depending on the geographic area where your address is located, the soil present will influence the price of your hedge installation. The types of soil observed vary from sandy to clayey, passing by the most expensive, the rocky ones. Regardless of each variant, there is a good way to work the soil and guarantee impeccable results. The level of the Layout of the work area When the installation must be done in a completely landscaped courtyard with all the aspects of it neat, we must take precautions to keep everything in its original state. To protect the swimming pool, shed, house, fence tarpaulin is used. For the lawn plywood panels are used to circulate when necessary. And finally, a final deep cleaning to make sure the area is returned to its original state. Rarity of the cedar ask Varying from year to year, the available inventory influences the price of hedge installations. The laws of supply and demand are the best way to explain it. The period in season can influence the availability of certain cedar heights. Hopefully, this information will help you to understand the variables influencing the price of a hedge installation.Workload A conventional pruning generates fine scraps which are discarded free of charge by local organizations. When folding down the hedge and for example lowering the hedge by a third, simply visualize the mass of greenery and branches that should be removed. This increases the workload. Restrictions It is especially important to understand the limits of such work. We are limited to reducing the hedge from a maximum of one third to half the total height of the hedge. Lowering beyond these limits can permanently damage the hedge. Satisfaction Due to the unorthodox nature of the work, it is important to take the lead and communicate intensively in order to ensure the smooth running of the work. The line is thin between your satisfaction or total regret. It is important to plan down to the smallest detail and double check rather than once. Aesthetic Due to the nature of such works, the aesthetics of the hedge will suffer for a few years. The lack of greenery in the high part of hedge is normal as well as a broken horizon line and a dishevelled pace. In short, in situations where folding down remains the best option. There are ways to practise it safely and plans to find a beautiful hedge. But patience will be necessary.Cultivated cedar, growing in working, fattening, loose soil and free from large debris, the root system can expand freely and uniformly, unlike wild cedar, which must establish itself in nature in a much less favourable environment and hostile. At the time of the transplant, the quality of the roots will be a significant element in ensuring the success of the project. The cedar in breeding installed in the middle of a field will benefit from a full growth in a united and complete way due to the absence of nuisances. Wild cedars in nature, on the other hand, will have to contend with obstacles such as mature trees, a bush acting as a screen that deprives them of light, as well as invasive tall grass, all detrimental to quality, dense and vigorous foliage. To finish the cedar of breeding him in an environment free from any competition will be able to profit from a complete and exact nutrition for superior results and a regular apartment in supplements favouring the constancy in the growth, as well as an adjustment of the precipitations if these are rare. The result will be impeccable quality cedar. For its part, the wild cedars must remain the nutrients found in the forest, these being released on a less regular basis and at the whim of Mother Nature, leaving the trees much less advantaged. As for the water in nature, this is not controllable, leaving wild cedars often dry and in competition with more mature trees with more massive root systems. In short hoping that these few lines will help you make your decision.First, one of the first factors influencing the price is the frequency of maintenance. A regularly maintained hedge will have a range of denser branches which will give a perfect result at the time of the pruning. And the work will be simpler and the result much more aesthetic. With a hedge that has not been pruned for more than five years, the costs could be higher the workload being additional it is still possible to carry out the work and obtain remarkable results, however, the density it will not be there it will take a few years to allow the hedge to recover. Second factors, the height of the cedar hedge. This will be significant as the taller the trees the more there is to prune. Special and adapted working techniques must be taken for that type of work, stepladder, basket, scaffolding. Physical effort will also be taken into consideration. The width of the cedar hedge will be considered since once again the wider the hedge the larger the horizontal surface will be. In some cases, we must plan work on both sides of the hedge and warn the neighbours of our passage in addition to using extensions on the pruning tool. Obstacles such as swimming pools, sheds, gardens, overhead cables which are electrical or telecommunications lines, these may require special attention as well as laborious techniques. With the right tools and experience there is always a way to do a good job. Finally, the terrain relief surrounding the hedge type of uneven, inclined soil could also have an important role on the price of the maintenance of your cedar hedge.